Johor Bahru Lawyer

Song Xinhui Johor Bahru Law Firm provides legal services for companies in Johor Bahru and Singapore.

A well-known lawyer in Johor Bahru, Song Xinhui, Johor Johor Bahru Law Firm (SKSong) has been established since 1980 and established by Mr. Song Xinhui. Currently, Jimmy and Mr. Xie are his partners.

Each respective lawyer has a different nature of practice and his own field of expertise.

SKSong provides general legal services. As our company focuses on communication and litigation, we present our professional services to customers from all walks of life.

“Being able to use moral principles does not mean that one is virtuous.”
– SK Song

Our company provides professional legal knowledge in the areas of corporate law, corporate litigation, international trade and finance and information technology (IT) based work.

We have a rich law library and subscribe to the current case law daily and weekly law reports on Malaysia. At the same time, we have subscribed to Malaysian law magazines and current law magazines on the Internet.

In accordance with my country’s entry into the high-tech industry and IT industry, and the emergence of the multimedia super corridor, we are further enhancing our reserve staff and rooms, both based on IT and IT-friendliness, enhancing our competitiveness with the combination of technology and international networking body.

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Practice professional field

1. Organic Law, Public and Administrative Law

Our Mr. Song and our lawyers understand and present in-depth litigation experience matters in all Malaysian courts in various departments and industries required by Malaysian policy.

2. Disputes over corporate and commercial lawyer services

There are many types of disputes in the business process. These disputes can be between individuals, organizations in various ways between enterprises, and enterprises or they can occur within the business structure, for example, between shareholders and directors of the company.

Disputes between shareholders, managers, directors or other stakeholders close or medium-sized companies frequently occur. Sometimes, the parties involved in these business structures have conflicting interests and goals.

SKSong represents individuals and companies in commercial disputes, and often receives referrals from other lawyers on these issues. We are ready to help you in various business disputes, including but not limited to the following:

Breach of contract,
breach of fiduciary duty and breach of trust,
debt collection,
judgment enforcement,
franchise disputes,
fraud and misrepresentation claims,
investment disputes,
product liability claims

3. Defamation lawyer services

SKSong represents local and foreign clients in defamation disputes.

4. Employment Lawyer Service

The SKSong employment business team provides unique and client-centric legal services. In the field of employment and rich experience in labor relations, our trademark is just the quality of our work. We provide our clients with practical, result-oriented, customized legal solutions.