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Messrs. S. K. Song practises and offers its services in the general areas of the law. As our firm is both conveyancing and litigation based, we render our professional services to clients from all walks of life.

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It is our firm’s intention to venture further and offer our expertise in the areas of corporate law, corporate litigation, international trade & finance and information technology (IT) based work.

We have a well-stocked law library and have subscribed to Current Law Journal and The Weekly Law Report on Malaysian Cases. We have the complete set of Golden Statutes and Halsbury Law Report.

Civil Cases

Constant Innovation

We are in the midst of further upgrading our back-up staff and chambers to be both IT based and IT friendly enhancing our competitiveness.


Messrs S.K. Song was established and founded by Mr. Song Sing Kwee in the year of 1980 and presently Mr. Jimmy Puah Wee Tse is his partner, together with the assistance of Mr. Chia Kwok Wei, Mr. Goh Tiong Sin and Mr. Yee Chew Wei. Each of the respective lawyer has his own specialised field of practice contributing to the diverse nature of works offered by the firm.

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